Bespoke photo-collages created by artist Nancy VanNoppen, the goal of each NVN MemoryScape is to capture and preserve the unique essence of a beloved place. Combining photographs from past and present, she composes an imagined scene that accurately depicts the visual characteristics of a place while simultaneously fracturing it with moments from different points in time to reflect the infinite, co-existing memories of the people who experienced it.

The process involved in the making of a commissioned memoryscape is always a collaboration between artist and client. While many photographs are taken by Nancy, the client also supplies photographs of their own that document past activities or people significant to the place. A client's role becomes even more important during the later stages when photographs are being combined in providing the artist with input on the importance of various details and characteristics being highlighted. This collaboration ensures that the client is receiving a truly custom piece. 

The resulting one-of-a-kind photographic landscape is both a single scene and a complex construction, evoking a dual sense of unity and multiplicity as is often experienced when reflecting on a familiar place. NVN MemoryScapes are printed on high-quality, archival paper and average 5 feet in length, allowing viewers to examine the numerous details up close in addition to appreciating the work as a whole. Whether it be a family home, favorite vacation spot, or sacred plot of land, NVN MemoryScapes help to encapsulate the memories and experiences that make a place significant.

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